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CCS – Prospecting MasterClass

Prospecting is necessary and difficult. We are running a Prospecting & Business Development™ MasterClass to help you drive growth. A good salesperson will learn how to efficiently target and identify them, but beyond that, the truly successful salesperson will know how to effectively engage with them and remain relevant. In this sales training workshop, we look at [...]

How good are your negotiation skills?

How good are your negotiation skills? Poor negotiation skills cost money. As each month closes, sales people across the country give away value without getting anything in return and miss out of significant opportunities due to their inability to negotiate effectively This short video suggests a few things they could be doing differently to improve [...]

What is Pardot Marketing Automation?

What is Pardot Marketing Automation? One of the fastest growing software categories driving significant improvements in business growth at the moment is Marketing Automation. Have you got a Marketing Automation solution in place? Do you need one? Do you have an effective process in place to nurture leads so that marketing only hand over [...]

4 Signs of a Bad Sales Process

Do you know the warning signs? When it comes to sales processes, there are always different ends of the spectrum. Some sales organisations model best practices and prove it by consistently making their number. Others consistently fall short, so they usually exhibit the other end of the spectrum with a variety of warning signs along [...]

Five Common Errors Made When ‘Personalising’ Email, Web, Print And Mobile Communication.

Does personalisation add value?  Yes it does.  The evidence is strong. The chart below from the Carson group clearly shows the improved response rates achieved when direct mail is personalised.   However, they are the first to point out that personalisation is far more than adding a name to a greeting line, yet that is where [...]

Advanced Marketing Automation Training Program

Many organisations are embracing marketing automation but are you leveraging your system effectively?  Do you have the strategy in place to back it up and drive results?  Is marketing playing the end to end revenue creation role you know it should be playing? The challenge for many is to move beyond using Marketing Automation as [...]

Forget Big Data – Get your little data right! (it’s costing you millions).

‘Big data’ is all the rage and perhaps rightly so.   But are we getting the basics right in sales and marketing? The chances are you are not and it is costing you revenue. Sporting teams have been exploding in this space. The data collected now compared to even ten years ago is worlds apart, and [...]

Open the Circle of Love – 6 Tips for Strategic Networking that Generate New Business

Are you trying to use ‘networking’ to generate new business or as an alternative to spending time with your family or doing the things you know you should be doing in the office? Most ‘new business’ networking is a complete waste of time because we hang with people we know (often from our own organisation) [...]