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Seven Pardot Engagement Studio Ideas for Subscription-Based Businesses

  Whether you offer SaaS, IT support, or financial advice, the Pardot Engagement Studio is a powerful marketing automation solution for all subscription based businesses. But are you taking full advantage of its functionalities? Here are seven ideas to you can implement today to boost your subscription-based business. Customer On-boarding First impressions are everything. [...]

Pardot is getting stronger and stronger. Here is how…

Pardot Roadmap & Dreamforce   I recently attended Dreamforce (with 170,000 others)  - the Salesforce annual conference in San Francisco.  They booked a band...  a small Irish group called U2 that kicked off about 40 years ago. While this was clearly a highlight of the conference, I also picked up a few key things from [...]

Pardot Sydney User Group – 17th March 16

Last Thursday I attended the Pardot Sydney User Group @ Sydney Salesforce HQ accompanied by my colleague Marylove Baliuka. Here is a brief summary what transpired in my third User Group to date: Sitting to my right was Vince Skully from Life Sherpa to my left sat Michelle Bridger-Darling from CASF. The group session kicked off with Samantha Pang (Client Advocate)(otherwise known [...]

What’s new in Pardot? – March issue

There are more reasons to love Pardot with the roll out of four new improvements to its user interface. Folder Asset Chooser Collapsed by Default Under Marketing > Folders, you would have noticed that your folders are now collapsed by default. Now you can grow your Pardot marketing assets without the chaos. This modification allows [...]

4 Target Outcomes For Your Email Campaigns

Background This post was a result of the following: A client of ours - Renzo Huruiti from DNVGL is currently sending regular email communications to his database. I then asked him the following question, "what is the purpose of your campaigns?", followed by "you still need a clear objective". Renzo then replied "do you have any [...]

Pardot News and Training dates

    You would have been notified by Pardot over the last couple of months about the new features that have been rolled out. Below are a few of the benefits that we have found using these new features: Increase in Sync Speed: Because the sync speed has increased every 2 mins, this means more real-time data [...]

3 useful Pardot connectors you may NOT be aware of

Connectors allow Pardot data to sync with third party applications. This allows you to manage all your previously disparate marketing channels within the Pardot application, such as your CRM system, Google Adwords, GotoWebinar and Eventbrite just to name a few. A list of the common Pardot connectors can be found here. There are also a [...]

Pardot Sydney User Group – 26th Nov 15

This morning I attended the Pardot Sydney User Group @ Sydney Salesforce HQ. Here is a brief summary what transpired: Sitting to my right was Ed Orrock from Temando, to my left sat Biljana Vojdanoska from Isentia. The group session kicked off discussing Pardot support office hours, and Pardot representatives asking feedback from their users in the room. Pardot support was commended [...]

Marketing Automation Strategy is still mapped out best on Paper

These days, we mostly live in the digital world. Especially when it comes to marketing. That is why we have seen an exponential increase in the need for marketing automation. But it is most important to not forget the power of mapping out your marketing automation strategy with pen and paper. You can also can use a [...]