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Does Pardot have a future? Dreamforce 2018

Does Pardot have a future? Today I have sat in the Pardot Keynote at Dreamforce #DF18.  Yesterday I sat through the Pardot Roadmap. I can tell you unequivocally - Has Pardot Got a future?    YES! Why?  Here are three areas that point towards Pardot having a great future: The roadmap is strong [...]

Does Pardot have a future? Dreamforce 20182018-10-04T14:25:27+10:00

Have you got a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Command Centre? Salesforce borrowed ours!

Have you got a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Command Centre set up in your workplace? Salesforce are currently leveraging Destined’s Command Centre in their lobby to showcase the work we have been doing around the football world cup. A Command Centre is such an awesome way to showcase the activity taking place around the #worldcup as [...]

Have you got a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Command Centre? Salesforce borrowed ours!2020-04-07T14:09:42+10:00

Pardot is getting stronger and stronger. Here is how…

Pardot Roadmap & Dreamforce   I recently attended Dreamforce (with 170,000 others)  - the Salesforce annual conference in San Francisco.  They booked a band...  a small Irish group called U2 that kicked off about 40 years ago. While this was clearly a highlight of the conference, I also picked up a few key things from [...]

Pardot is getting stronger and stronger. Here is how…2017-01-31T14:24:49+11:00

How to recycle leads and grow revenue.

Are you currently recycling your leads effectively? If the answer is NO, then you are sitting on a large amount of untapped revenue. It is not easy capturing new names for the top of your funnel.  When you do capture them you want to know you have made the most out of the opportunity to [...]

How to recycle leads and grow revenue.2017-01-31T14:24:49+11:00

CCS – Prospecting MasterClass

Prospecting is necessary and difficult. We are running a Prospecting & Business Development™ MasterClass to help you drive growth. A good salesperson will learn how to efficiently target and identify them, but beyond that, the truly successful salesperson will know how to effectively engage with them and remain relevant. In this sales training workshop, we look at [...]

CCS – Prospecting MasterClass2017-01-31T14:24:49+11:00

What’s new in Pardot? – March issue

There are more reasons to love Pardot with the roll out of four new improvements to its user interface. Folder Asset Chooser Collapsed by Default Under Marketing > Folders, you would have noticed that your folders are now collapsed by default. Now you can grow your Pardot marketing assets without the chaos. This modification allows [...]

What’s new in Pardot? – March issue2017-01-31T14:24:49+11:00

Pardot News and Training dates

    You would have been notified by Pardot over the last couple of months about the new features that have been rolled out. Below are a few of the benefits that we have found using these new features: Increase in Sync Speed: Because the sync speed has increased every 2 mins, this means more real-time data [...]

Pardot News and Training dates2017-01-31T14:24:50+11:00

CustomerCentric Selling Workshops 2016

Destined is now running CustomerCentric Sales workshops in Australia and New Zealand. Below are some of the different public and in-house programs we have coming up over the next few months to help you equip your sales team. We would welcome the chance to chat to you about how we can support you and [...]

CustomerCentric Selling Workshops 20162017-01-31T14:24:50+11:00

Jarryd Hayne’s Sales Insights

Jarryd Hayne has been on an amazing (and very public) journey from the Australian NRL to the American NFL. No doubt he still has a long way to go. Regardless of your attitude to Jarryd and the endless publicity, you have to admire the great job he has done prospecting, identifying the opportunity, managing the [...]

Jarryd Hayne’s Sales Insights2017-01-31T14:24:50+11:00

How good are your negotiation skills?

How good are your negotiation skills? Poor negotiation skills cost money. As each month closes, sales people across the country give away value without getting anything in return and miss out of significant opportunities due to their inability to negotiate effectively This short video suggests a few things they could be doing differently to improve [...]

How good are your negotiation skills?2017-01-31T14:24:50+11:00
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