Are you getting the most out of your Pardot instance?

There are a number of Pardot Summer 17 updates that we thought you should know about. Domain Validation Many of you will have noticed a notice in your Pardot instance requiring you to validate your tracker domain. YES - you do need to take action by August 10. Pardot is currently adding ‘Domain Management’ [...]

Are you getting the most out of your Pardot instance?2017-10-17T09:59:32+11:00

Pardot’s Social Posting – Great makeover!

Background Social marketing for B2B is becoming increasingly important. In fact, a recent survey found 92% of B2B marketers use social media as a content marketing tactic to drive sales. With Pardot Social Posting: > You can schedule posts in advance. > Have the ability to post across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, with the same [...]

Pardot’s Social Posting – Great makeover!2017-01-31T14:24:49+11:00

Pardot’s Engagement Studio – Just Released!

Pardot has just rolled out a new feature for its members - Engagement Studio (with no extra price tag associated). If you already are a Pardot customer you may be wondering, how does this differ from the ''Drip Program'' functionality I already have available to me? In my opinion the obvious advantages are aligned: > [...]

Pardot’s Engagement Studio – Just Released!2017-01-31T14:24:49+11:00

4 Signs of a Bad Sales Process

Do you know the warning signs? When it comes to sales processes, there are always different ends of the spectrum. Some sales organisations model best practices and prove it by consistently making their number. Others consistently fall short, so they usually exhibit the other end of the spectrum with a variety of warning signs along [...]

4 Signs of a Bad Sales Process2017-01-31T14:24:50+11:00
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