Pardot has just rolled out a newPardot engage studio in action feature for its members – Engagement Studio (with no extra price tag associated). If you already are a Pardot customer you may be wondering, how does this differ from the ”Drip Program” functionality I already have available to me?

In my opinion the obvious advantages are aligned:

> User Interface (UI): The look and feel of Engagement Studio is a stark improvement. It is more closely correlated with the UI of Salesforce Lightening, and the new UI of Pardot. If you have not enabled Pardot’s new style, I encourage you to do so.

> Testing Functionality: You are able to interactively test how a Prospect moves through the nurture. Beforehand, you were only really able to to test a Drip Program if you set yourself as a prospect down the nurture path.  For example, you can see from the screenshot, you can see you can test if a download was completed within 8 days, and if “Yes” test the route the prospect takes via that particular nurture path.


> You also have “Triggers”: which give you the ability to listen whether a prospect takes upon a certain action. In the previous Drip Program functionality this was only available through a workaround using custom re-directs. Now – it has become much simpler to steer a prospect down a nurture path based upon the action they take via “Triggers”.

> Finally, Engagement Studio has introduced “Rules”: which enable you to apply actions to the prospect through the Prospects journey. Rules include, adding to a Salesforce Campaign, Adjust a Score, apply a Tag and more.

Congratulations to the team @ Pardot for providing its customers with ongoing Product development and releases.

Click here if you want to view a Youtube video on Drip Programs which features an example built in Engagement Studio.