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Destined is now running CustomerCentric Sales workshops in Australia and New Zealand.
Below are some of the different public and in-house programs we have coming up over the next few months to help you equip your sales team. We would welcome the chance to chat to you about how we can support you and your sales team hit your revenue targets.

CustomerCentric Sales – 3 Day Program

Would it help if, when engaged with a potential prospect, your sales people understood and could execute a sales process, aligned with how companies buy; a repeatable systematic sales process that they could follow to take a prospect from interest development to closure, so that your company could begin to eliminate or minimize those loses to ‘no decision’? (Public & In-house Options)
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Prospecting Business Development – 1 Day Workshop

From planning, preparation to execution, this Prospecting and Business Development Workshop will teach you how to not only find the right prospects, but to also learn how to better engage with them to be successful. (Public & In-house Options)
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CustomerCentric Sales Refresher – 1 Day

Designed for those that have completed the three day workshop, the program will remind you of the key elements of CustomerCentric Selling while also providing the chance for both management and sales staff to work through specific areas that are blocking your path to greater success. (Public & In-house Options)
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Innovation & Engagement Workshop

Are you looking to drive greater engagement from your sales team and improve your overall sales process and customer journey? We have developed an Innovation day (or half day) for Sales that challenges them to reflect on what is working and what is not build out suggested changes to your sales, marketing and customer journey. During the day we also focus on core selling skills incorporating training and practice as part of the day. (In house only)

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