Decipher Story

About Decipher

Decipher’s award winning cloud platform is trusted by resource and energy teams globally to support Rehabilitation and Closure and to facilitate improved safety and reduced risk for Tailing Storage Facility monitoring.

After selecting Salesforce as their preferred Tech Stack, Decipher needed an implementation partner with the ability to support best in class B2C and B2B marketing. After a lengthy tender like process comparing platform providers and solution partners, they selected Destined to facilitate the companywide implementation.

In their original engagement with Destined, Decipher’s platform had been used by agribusiness to maximise crop yield by farmers and agronomists alike. Destined worked with the team at Decipher to embed Pardot’s tracking capabilities throughout the platform in the form of Custom Redirects and Automations. This allowed Decipher to build a rich picture of how users were interacting with the platform to introduce premium, paid-for features that would improve the user experience.


In late 2019, Decipher had a pivot in their business model, with the Agribusiness platform moving underneath the umbrella of their sister company CSBP, allowing them to focus on the needs and opportunities presenting themselves within the resource and energy sectors.

This pivot brought a number of challenges for Decipher to overcome – moving from a B2C ‘Freemium’ model to a B2B Enterprise model which called for a lot more educational and thought leadership content to be created and put in front of potential customers in the discovery and pre-sales stage.

Decipher’s investment in Salesforce and Pardot gave them the perfect foundation to make this change. Pardot allows Decipher to create landing pages to ‘gate’ content such as Whitepapers, Webinars and Ebooks. They use Custom Redirects to track user behavior and responses to ad campaigns and once a prospect is in the system, are able to enrol them in hyper personalised engagement studio journeys that further qualify the prospect to the point that a Salesperson makes contact.

When the Salesperson picks up the prospect, they have access to every marketing asset that has been viewed by the prospect and can shape their conversation based on this.


Destined have helped Decipher to build 6 engagement studio programs.

Each program has between 40 and 50 steps that build a deep level of personalisation and understanding.

Decipher have generated 4000 leads from guides, whitepapers and campaigns! 

“I first met Alex and the team at Destined at my previous company where we had implemented Salesforce and Pardot as our CRM and Marketing Automation tools. We had been working with another implementation partner who were unsuitable and the project required a complete restart. Alex and the Destined team were the polar opposite and had us up and running in weeks . When I joined Decipher in 2019, we were evaluating different CRM and Marketing Automation tools for our needs. At the time, we were heavily focused on agribusiness but were also entering new global markets and sectors outside of this so needed a tool that could easily adapt and join us on our journey. Again, Destined proved crucial in our decision to go with Salesforce and Pardot and we haven’t looked back. The team knows the solutions inside out, are always eager to share insights and lessons based on best practice, and instil an overall confidence in every dealing we have.”


Ronan Bray, Marketing Manager, Decipher

In Brief

Groundbreaking cloud provider uses Salesforce, Pardot and Destined to:

  • Work with diverse and remote teams.
  • Content distribution.
  • Managing and on-boarding remote partners.
  • Run lead generation campaigns.
  • Give visibility on campaign effectiveness and ROI.
  • Pivot effectively from B2C – B2B business model.

Salesforce Technology Used