Celebrity Ink Story

About Celebrity Ink

Celebrity Ink have built a reputation for providing memorable and enjoyable tattoo experiences.

The team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality in everything we do. From tattoo art through to the ink products they use, as well as their customer service and delivery. They ensure long-term client satisfaction and retention.


As the Celebrity Ink business has grown to 40+ locations in 6 countries they have built great marketing capability. However their MarTech stack had not been updated in some time and they had grown out of the tools that they were using.

Some of the challenges this was causing included:

  • Unable to have a clear 360 view of the customer journey – making it hard to personalise messaging and remarket.
  • Limited ability to scale functionality – meaning that staff members had to work across multiple functions rather than specialising.
  • Social Media Management – of the groups 47 social media accounts .

The Solution

Celebrity Ink worked with Destined to implement Marketing Cloud across their business. 


Marketing Cloud has been integrated with Celebrity Ink’s appointment booking system. This means that Celebrity Ink can segment their data to build a high level of personalisation into their communications. 

Email Studio

Once the data has been segmented, Celebrity Ink are able to use Email Studio to send highly personalised communications to their customers. 

Destined worked with the team at Celebrity Ink to create a number of email templates that can be sent with ease. 

One example of this is sending customer’s specific offers from the Tatoo location that they have recently visited, rather than a generic group wide send. 

Another example is a welfare email that is sent to customers after they have had their tattoo that covers aftercare and builds brand loyalty. 

Journey Builder

Destined have built a number of custom journeys for Celebrity Ink. These include: 

  • Franchisee Onboarding – Series of communications to help get a franchisee up and running successfully prior to studio launch.
  • Consumer Onboarding – Series of communications to welcome, engage and upskill to a new consumer.
  • After INK Consumer Reminders – Aftercare service or preparation for next tattoo.
  • Newsletter Subscribers Signup – Send an automated email to new newsletter subscribers.
  • Potential Franchisees – communicate with those that have registered interest in being a franchisee on the website.

Social Studio

The group manages 47 social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Previously the only way that they were able to manage this workload was to spread the responsibility for this across the team. 

With Social Studio Celebrity Ink is now able to give responsibility for posting across all networks to one specialist, greatly improving on Human Capital Management. 

Mobile Studio / Advertising Studio

Destined delivered enablement and training that allows the business too: 

  • Execute SMS sends to multiple countries in Asia Pacific and Europe.
  • Pushing social media ads to their Marketing Cloud audiences securely.


  • Celebrity Ink can leverage their 360 view of the customer to optimise their acquisition channels, conversion rates and customer retention.
  • Celebrity Ink has been able to build a high degree of personalisation into customer communications, enriching end-to-end experiences. 
  • Have been able to allow the marketing team to specialise – where it took 3-4 people previously to manage the 47 social media accounts, this can now be a specialist role for one person. 
  • Have seen a marked improvement in the utilisation of human capital across the marketing team.


The Destined team delivered holistic value with timely and effective outcomes across our Marketing Cloud implementation program. 

As a result, we have growing confidence our Marketing Technology investment with Salesforce can be maximised; our automation, personalisation and single view for customer ideals are enhanced; and our Marketing and Sales operatives are enabled to succeed in executing wide-ranging customer acquisition, engagement, retention, and experience activities. 

Thank you Destined for remaining focused (with us) on our commercial objectives during this project – we appreciate the excellence.

Lucas West – CMO – Celebrity Ink

In Brief

International franchise brand uses Salesforce and Destined to build a future proofed Martech Stack.

Salesforce Technology Used

  • Marketing Cloud
    • Email Studio.
    • Journey Builder.
    • Social Studio.
    • Mobile Studio – SMS.
    • Advertising Studio.