With the release of GetFeedback for Pardot, you can now have a two-way conversation via email with your prospects and qualify them in an automated fashion. Further, by collecting feedback earlier in the sales cycle, marketers can now enrich the data in Pardot with deeper customer insight.

Most organisations classify ‘feedback’ as a post-sale notion. However, we are now seeing that it is becoming equally important to gather insight on potential leads on whats working during the sales process. One of the easiest ways to do this is to seek feedback during the process with tools like GetFeedback.

The ultimate objective should be able to provide an engaging and relevant customer experience throughout the customers entire journey – from your initial contact and beyond.

Seamlessly deliver surveys within emails

Segment your database based on feedback for more relevant engagement via Pardot’s Engagement Studio

Contribute to your lead qualification, scoring, and grading – which can facilitate delivering higher quality leads to sales.

Are you ready to learn more about GetFeedback and Pardot? Visit the GetFeedback for Pardot webpage to learn how this winning combination can supercharge your marketing efforts.