There are a number of Pardot Summer 17 updates that we thought you should know about.

Domain Validation

Many of you will have noticed a notice in your Pardot instance requiring you to validate your tracker domain. YES – you do need to take action by August 10. Pardot is currently adding ‘Domain Management’ to your Admin menu. In this location you will need to validate your existing vanity domain. To understand exactly what steps you need to take click here.

Are you leveraging scoring categories?

For those with Pro or Ultimate you can now leverage not only an overall score but specific scoring categories. A common use for this will be interest in a particular product.   This data can be made available within Salesforce to be leveraged by sales. Marketing can also leverage this data to run automations and within Engagement studio to drive an even more personalised journey for your prospects.

Starting or Stopping an Engagement Program

You can now set a starting and stopping date and time. This can be great for teams working across time zones. It could also be a great way to make sure a nurture stop before

You will get an email notification three days before and when it is starting

You can pause the program if you need to adjust the dates.

Looking to clean up your email templates?

You can now see how assets are being used across your Pardot instance. This will allow you to work out what assets are currently being used and delete the ones that are no longer in use.

Multiple reply-to-address

This is a great feature. Here are a few use cases:

> Sending an email from your CEO but you wanted the replies to go to the sales person.

> Sending an event invite from marketing but want questions to go back to the account owner

In each of these cases you can set up a hierarchy of ‘reply-to’ behaviours.

Note: some email clients do not respect reply to addresses.

Social Posting

The LinkedIn social posting connector has been updated. This allows improved image posting and reporting on personal page likes and comments. Make sure you verify your connector to make the most of these new features.

Introducing Einstein Account-Based Marketing

Salesforce is the first platform that leverages Artificial Intelligence to drive account based marketing. It is designed to identify the right accounts, improve customer engagement, align sales and marketing and measure and optimise campaign performance.

You can find out more at Camp ABM –

Hopefully some of these features will help you drive greater usage of Pardot and better support sales. You can find out more about these updates at