Are you currently recycling your leads effectively?

If the answer is NO, then you are sitting on a large amount of untapped revenue.

It is not easy capturing new names for the top of your funnel.  When you do capture them you want to know you have made the most out of the opportunity to sell to them. A lot of the hard work has already been done!  Why not make the most of it?

Recycling is taking the leads you have captured that have not bought from you today and giving them the chance to purchase later.

Let’s assume 10% of the leads you capture buy from you today.  What are you doing with the other 90% you worked hard to capture?  Many businesses do nothing!

If you could get just 2% of those leads (the 90%) to buy from you, that should represent a 18% increase in revenue.  Would you be happy with that?

Sales often do a great job of closing the leads that are ready to buy today, but what happens to the rest?   For many organisations they represent a massive amount of untapped revenue yet many business fail to properly recycle their leads and achieve the growth they could.

We have put together a quick guide to recycling your leads.  The following document provides practical insights into:

  • How to segment your data
  • Your funnel velocity
  • Which call to action to use
  • Sales psychology
  • Funnel logic
  • Content ideas

We hope you find it useful and that ultimately it helps you increase your sales.

Leveraging the right technology can ensure you are more effective recycling your leads and provide powerful insights.

Looking to get more sales from the leads you have already captured?

This practical guide provides you with ideas on how to do just that.

It includes five simple funnels you could build tomorrow and suggests the kind of content you could include.