Grading blog 2: How to Setup Grading in Pardot ?

There are three steps to setup a grading profile in Pardot:

  1. Create profile
  2. Create an automation rule to assign prospects to the profile
  3. Create an automation rule to change the grade

The grading profile that will be set up is:

Field name Values Incremental change Grade change
Interested in I am a first time buyer, or
I am looking to invest
Increase by 3/3 D to C
City Melbourne Increase by 3/3 C to B
Pre-approval granted? True Increase by 3/3 B to A
Zip 3000 Increase by 1/3 A to A+

1. How to create a profile in Pardot?

In Pardot Lightning go to Prospects > Segmentation > Profiles > Add Profile

Document your grading criteria and grade adjustment. 

In the example below the criteria name is the field name with the required criteria in brackets. Grade adjustment can be applied in ⅓ increments (click here to find out more about grade adjustment)

2. How to build an automation rule to assign prospects to a grading profile?

In Pardot Lightning go to Automations > Automation Rules > Add Automation Rules

In the automation rule, the Rules section includes the fields and values that will form the grading profile criteria. Add Match Type as Match Any

The Action section identifies which profile the prospect will be assigned too. In this example, it is the real estate profile.

3. How to build automation rules to adjust the grade?

The second automation rule is a group of automations that combines the profile and field values to match the criteria set in step 1.

In this example, an automation is created to change the grade based on the Zip field being 3000. 

The Rule section is looking for prospects that match the real estate profile and Zip field is 3000. 

The Action is to change the profile criteria based on the real estate buyer Zip criteria (a grade adjustment of ⅓ ).

This automation rule needs to be copied and updated for each piece of criteria that makes up the grading profile. 

Your list of automation rules should look similar to the example below

You will be able to view your prospects grade in prospect tables,

When clicking to view a particular prospect in Pardot, or

When viewing Leads / Contacts in Salesforce that have the Pardot grading field included in the Details tab.

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