These days, we mostly live in the digital world. Especially when it comes to marketing. That is why we have seen an exponential increase in the need for marketing automation.

But it is most important to not forget the power of mapping out your marketing automation strategy with pen and paper.

You can also can use a whiteboard mind you, they work man hand touch 3d strategy business concept

This is where marketing brains find clarity.

This is the comfortable space where we can engineer the buyer journey from start to finish.

It is also important to bring together voices from different parts of your business. Do not only involve your marketing department when mapping out your marketing automation strategy. Sales for instance, often have a unique perspective of how best to engage with your current and potential clients. After all, they are the one’s on the ground.

A marketing automation strategy always needs to be continually revised, tweaked and developed. Marketing automation platforms are consistently being updated with the latest technology, as innovation evolves so will your strategy.

Finally, what is the key to start building your marketing automation strategy?

Get your product – define what problems you solve, target your market, identify your methods of engagement – then apply marketing automation.

– Alex Kaye