Marketing Strategy Facilitation & Training

Destined by Design marketing strategy sessions can focus on Marketing Automation and its integration into your existing programs or can take a more holistic approach and work with you and your team to review or design your marketing activity from the ground up.

Great marketing strategy that is effectively executed will drive revenue growth.

Do you have best practice marketing strategy and tactics in place to ensure that you are making the contribution to bottom line growth that marketing should be making in your organisation?

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Duration:  Sessions range from half day workshops through to two full day programs.

Content:   All material for these sessions is shaped to meet the individual needs of groups.  Common content areas covered include:

  • What problem do we solve and who has that problem?
  • Who are our ideal customers and how do we find them?
  • What tactical marketing activities will we engage in this year?
  • How do we leverage Marketing Automation and other new technologies?
  • How do we ensure that our marketing activities are driving revenue growth?
  • What KPI’s should we setting?
  • How do we effectively measure ROI?
  • How can we improve our alignment with sales?
  • How can we innovate?
  • How will we source, manage and nurture leads?
  • What data do we have and how are we using it?