Pardot Client Case Study – Johnson Property Group

Johnson Property Group

Johnson Property Group is one of the largest privately owned developers of residential land in New South Wales. The Company controls approximately 7000 lots in New South Wales all with Government approval.

Combining a passion for creating vibrant and sustainable master-planned communities with a vision for the future, Johnson Property Group is focused heavily on the community in all of its developments in New South Wales’ growth corridors, including Lake Macquarie, Cessnock and Cooranbong. These areas have been identified as major regional centres in the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy.

In addition, the Group is currently developing Vermont, located on the Hawkesbury River, North-West of Sydney in Pitt Town.

Johnson Property Website

The Challenge

With a passion for the local community and those in it, Johnson property group needed a way to automate their strategy that catered for multiple development sites that are promoted through multiple web sites. At the same time different customers buyers journeys needed to be catered for.

Building Awareness

Leveraging Pardot’s custom redirects, campaigns and Google Adwords connector, Johnson Property Group has the ability to see exactly which medium is drawing people to their websites. These range from natural search and pay per click through to facebook and other social mediums.

Their integration with Salesforce opportunities enables them to then follow this lead all the way through to a closed opportunity. This provides invaluable feedback on which specific lead capture campaigns are driving revenue and which are costing money with little return (despite potentially drawing high initial interest).

Nurturing Leads

It constructing the journey for potential buyers it was important to recognise that some customers are looking to make quick unemotional investment decisions potentially in multiple properties across multiple locations. For others they are looking to build a home, and a family – the biggest expenditure ever in their lives.

Pardot’s lead nurture (Drip) programs enable multiple journeys to be built to ensure potential customers receive information when they are ready to read it , tailored to them.

Sales Integration

Sales has the ability to see in salesforce all of the activity that has taken place through Pardot prior to a person walking in the door for an appointment.

Leveraging a Pardot form they can capture client details of visitors to display locations. Where they are new, it will create a new lead and send them an automatic email thanking them for their visit and providing additional information. Clicking in this email will then associate any historical anonymous interaction they have had with their prospect record.


The journey is being enhanced for both customers and potential customers. They have a deeper understanding of their choices and opportunities available to them. This comes in a timely fashion potentially shortening the sales cycle.

Much of this enhanced journey is automated saving marketing time and money. The analytics available and tracking of activities is leading to better marketing investment decisions.

Sales are receiving leads that are better qualified and deeper information about the prospects they are meeting with.