Pardot Client Case Study – LiveTiles


LiveTiles is a leading global technology company. They offer modern, user experience-focused solutions to the enterprise and SMB markets and are an award-winning Microsoft Partner.

Their solutions include LiveTiles for SharePoint, LiveTiles Push Notifications App and LiveTiles Mosaic for Office 365 Education.

The Challenge

As LiveTiles is continuing to thrive and grow, their main concern was scalability. They began their search for marketing automation with one important question at the forefront of their minds: could they find an adequate solution that could grow as they grew?

“Marketing automation at this level was new to us”

The LiveTiles team were looking for a platform with functionality that would harness their current marketing and sales process. The GoToWebinar and Eventbrite connectors, integration, automated lead assignment, and lead nurturing functionality in particular were necessary requirements.

They were also after a way in which they could personalise and target their email campaigns and landing pages more effectively, through behavioural tracking.

The Solution

By implementing Pardot, LiveTiles was able to segment their data, and move from a blast eDM (‘spray and pray’) method, to a targeted and direct approach, adopting personalised messages that highly resonates with their database.

This led allowed them to collect important data points about their users.

“Adding Pardot to our marketing strategy has been a transforming experience”

Automation rules were introduced, improving the alignment between the marketing and sales teams ensuring better communication and a higher quality of progressing to sales. Two Pardot features have been key to this alignment: lead nurturing and lead scoring.

The LiveTiles team has an extensive webinar and event program in place. They integrated GoToWebinar, and Eventbrite with Pardot. The additional data attained was extremely valuable for LiveTiles. Further, they could then automatically nurture those who were invited, registered and those who attended with relevant messaging.

The integration has also driven efficiency, cutting down on the double handling of data an other manual tasks.

They also now have behavioural tracking on their leads. Pardot has enabled them to see where their leads are at in the buying cycle, what web pages lead them to convert, forms that were submitted, or and other relevant touch points’.


“In a matter of two months we have created automation rules, drip programs, campaigns, landing pages and more”

By using Pardot to create landing pages speedily, LiveTile’s marketing team can get their buyers in the sales cycle more quickly, while at the same time, arming their sales team with important information about each potential customer.

Now that Pardot is up and running, LiveTiles have improved lead quality, marketing productivity and efficiency. They were able to increase visibility and reach through multi-channel drip campaigns.

“It was well worth the investment”
– Nick Remeka, Global Marketing Lead