Pardot Client Case Study – Rose & Jones

How Rose & Jones uses Salesforce and Pardot to lease at maximum capacity

Rose & Jones are one of Sydney’s leading Buyers Agents. Established for over 20 years their focus on providing a deeply personal service, having an intimate insight into their clients’ motivations is what makes Rose & Jones unique. 

In buying property, Rose & Jones view their role as not only finding and securing the property that meets their clients needs but also to help crystalize those needs in order to commence a highly targeted and efficient search. In this way, Rose & Jones achieve their two key objectives:

  1. Quickly finding and secure the right property at the right price

  2. Fashioning a positive and stress-free experience for our clients.

 “Implementing both Salesforce and Pardot has allowed us to build a much more tailored and personal approach to our engagement with our clients.

We can now see the amount of time a prospect has spent on our website, and the content they have been engaging with. This means that when we pick up the phone we can have higher quality conversations.”

Shakira Martin – Rose & Jones

The Challenge:

In 2016 Rose & Jones managed the leasing of an entire block of apartments in Bondi. The block was a new development, meaning all 16 units needed to be leased and occupied. Knowing that this was a massive challenge, and almost impossible to manage in their old system, Rose & Jones implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Pardot in early 2016. 

The Solution:

Working closely with Alex Kaye, Pardot Practice Director at Destined, the team at Rose & Jones went through a number of workshops so that Destined could gain a deep understanding of their marketing strategy and goals. Destined managed the implementation of Rose & Jones’ Pardot instance connecting it to Salesforce and ensuring that the flow of data was working.

We then worked closely with the team at Rose & Jones to build a range of branded collateral including Landing Pages and Email Templates.

Finally we supported the team to build a highly personalised marketing campaign. Using Pardot’s Engagement Studio, Rose & Jones utilise progressive profiling to build a rich picture of the potential client and then tailor their messaging to maximise conversion rates.

The campaign had exceptional success, with all 16 apartments being leased on the first day.

Alex Kaye says that Rose & Jones are a model of how to get it right in the Property Industry, “In the 3+ years we have been working with Rose & Jones we have been impressed by their ongoing commitment to customer service and providing a truly tailored service to their clients”.

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