Engagement studio just got more amazing with two new features – customisable business hours and enhanced CSV reporting.

1. Customisable business hours

With customisable business hours, you now be able to select the days of the week and the window of time you want your Engagement Studio program to run on, with any combination of days to choose from. Exciting!  

Most importantly, this functionality is specific to each program, not the account, so it is possible to have different business hours on different programs. This means more customisation in your audience targeting and greater control over your drip programs.


2. Enhanced CSV export data

In addition to the standard reporting metrics available, you will now to be able to see:

  • Program Summary: program name, total number of prospects that have started the program, the total number of prospects who have completed the program and the completed percentage
  • Email metrics: name of the email, sent skipped, delivered, delivery rate, unique opens, open rate, unique clicks, click through rate, click to open ratio, opt outs, opt out rate, total hard bounce, total soft bounce, bounce rate and skipped
  • Form & form handler: name of the forms and/or form handlers as well as the number of completions
  • Landing page: name of the landing pages and the number of completions
  • Custom Redirect: name of the custom redirects and the number of clicks
  • File data: name of the files and the number of downloads


Enhanced CSV reporting


You can access this report by clicking on clicking Tools > CSV Export.  



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