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You would have been notified by Pardot over the last couple of months about the new features that have been rolled out. Below are a few of the benefits that we have found using these new features:
  • Increase in Sync Speed: Because the sync speed has increased every 2 mins, this means more real-time data is available.
  • Automatically Delete or Merge Prospects: We have found it saves time to be able to automatically delete or merge prospects if the corresponding records in Salesforce are deleted or merged, as well as ensuring your data is accurate in both systems.
  • Bidrectional Syncing: We have found it helpful to be able to overwrite the value of the field in the record based upon which one was most recently updated. Make sure you consider all the implications of doing this.
  • Create a Prospect when Email is Added in Salesforce: Now the Salesforce connector will automatically create prospects in Pardot if an email address is added to an existing lead or contact record in Salesforce. This saves us having to manually click the ‘Send to Pardot’ button within Salesforce.
  • New List Email Statistics Customisations: This new feature allows you to customise and filter reporting for all your list emails, and allows you to view overall email performance really easily.
  • Sync Salesforce Engage Emails: This will improve the speed of email logging and ensure quick and reliable syncing and provide a better record of communication.
  • Full Screen Email Editing Tool: This certainly improves the email editing experience. Within the email editor you are now able to resize the editing interface while you work.
  • Configural Cookie Duration: This allows you to configure the duration of the cookies set in Pardot. This will ensure that cookie duration is compliant with data retention laws across the world.

The quest to master Pardot is an ongoing journey. As Pardot evolves it is particularly important for you as a Pardot user to not only keep update with new features of the application, but also challenge yourself to keep finding new ways of using Pardot to maximise revenue.

Whether you are a Pardot user or not, the Pardot Essentials Training program is a hands on day that provides the ideal introduction to marketing and leveraging Pardot – Salesforce’s marketing automation platform – to drive growth.
If you use Pardot in your workplace, this will bring you up to speed with all the basic functionality and ensure you can effectively use the software to drive the marketing automation needs of your organisation.

This course is ideal for new staff members and those needing a refresh. Check out our upcoming Pardot training day:

Date:  Feb 10th
Time:  9am4:30pm
Location: North Sydney
Cost: $695 per person

Download 2016 Pardot Training dates or click here to learn more.


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