This morning I attended the Pardot Sydney User Group @ Sydney Salesforce HQ. Here is a brief summary what transpired:

Sitting to my right was Ed Orrock from Temando, to my left sat Biljana Vojdanoska from Isentia.

Pardot2The group session kicked off discussing Pardot support office hours, and Pardot representatives asking feedback from their users in the room. Pardot support was commended by the users in the room for their great responsive times to customer queries.

Rheannen Mackenzie (Pardot’s Clients Solutions Coordinator) made a valid tip in order to get fast response rates when lodging a support ticket:

“When lodging a ticket within the Knowledge Base you should always grant access to Pardot support to your instance of Pardot. This speeds up the response time.”

Pardot3Rheannen also pointed out to copy paste the link (the URL) of the page within Pardot that is in question. This also helps support to narrow down the issue a client is facing.

Yasmin Schmidt (Client Advocate at Salesforce) also highlighted the fact that all users of Pardot should regularly visit the Ideas Exchange.

“This is where our roadmap of development comes from – you can vote for ideas, post new ideas and comment on existing ideas. Even Adam Blitzer looks at the Ideas Exchange in order to decide what developments to make.”

There was discussion surrounding Pardot’s new features including, but not limited to:

Michael Roberts (Salesforce B2B Marketing Solutions Engineer) informed the group about future Pardot developments. He mentioned that he has been working with the product management team in the USA (in particular on the Engagement Studio) and is  “really excited about what is happening from a development point of view”.

Finally, Robert also highlighted the benefits and features of Salesforce Engage, and traced ‘Roadmap Themes’ for future development.

The 2 hour session concluded with an open question and answer session.

Each Pardot User Group I have attended doubles in the number of attendees each time.

I am consistently impressed with the professionalism of the team at Pardot in Sydney, and look forward to the next user Group!