Pardot Training

Our intensive Pardot Training program – delivered by a certified Pardot Consultant – has been designed to build your skills in Marketing Automation and turn you into a Pardot Pro.

We will cover all of the essential elements to running a successful marketing automation program.

Want to become a Pardot Pro?

This intensive 4 session program (delivered over 2 weeks) from Destined will give you the skills needed to superchange your marketing automation.

What you need to know

4 Sessions- Split over 2 Weeks. Online. 

Course cost $400 per session per participant. (Save 25% when booking all 4 sessions)

 Virtual format. Join from anywhere with wifi and equipment that supports live-stream video through Zoom

 3 hour interactive sessions

 1-1 Support

Who is this program for?

Any Pardot user who is looking to master the basics and introduce advanced techniques to their workflow.


  • Be a current Pardot customer
  • A working camera and mic to participate through Zoom video chat
  • A willingness to participate
  • Motivation to challenge oneself

Program Outline

Session 1 ( 3 hours)   |  28th May 2020

Pardot Administration

  • Key Definitions used in Pardot and Salesforce

  • Review and explain Salesforce & Pardot Campaigns

  • Review and  explain Salesforce Integration

  • Creating New Custom fields and Mapping to Salesforce Prospect Fields

  • Getting  Prospects into Pardot

Session 3 (3.5 hours)  |  4th June 2020

Building Assets in Pardot

  • Building & Sending an Email

  • Engagement Studio Programs

  • Creating Forms & Form Handlers

  • Creating Landing Pages

Session 2 (3 hours)  |  29th May 2020

Building Content and Automation in Pardot

  • Email Preference Center / Unsubscribe Page

  • Pardot List Management

  • Custom Redirects

  • Files & Dynamic Content

  • Creating Completion Actions, Page Actions, Segmentation Rules and Automation Rules

Session 4 ( 3 hours)  |  5th June 2020

Building a Grading and Scoring Model in Pardot

  • Scoring & Grading

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