Social marketing for B2B is becoming increasingly important. In fact, a recent survey found 92% of B2B marketers use social media as a content marketing tactic to drive sales.

With Pardot Social Posting:

> You can schedule posts in advance.

> Have the ability to post across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, with the same post instantaneously.

> Record insights against link clicks, replies, comments, retweets and likes. The upside here, is you can find all this meaningful data in one place (rather than you having to login to multiple accounts).

> Any links within an outbound social post from Pardot are trackable.

> Reports on a list of prospects who clicked a link in your post, on which social media channels have the highest interaction, and the level of interest in your posts over time.

> On the individual prospect record (under Prospect activities), you can see the social media link that was interacted with.

Source: Pardot Knowledge Base

What is New?

Firstly, Pardot has recently redesigned the social media posting function making it easy to use, as per the screenshot below:

With these improvements adding images to posts has become intuitive and familiar.

Beforehand, you had to first upload an image into Pardot before you start a social post, but now you can upload it anytime you are creating the post itself.