Prospecting & Business Development Workshop

From planning, preparation to execution, this Prospecting and Business Development Workshop will teach you how to not only find the right prospects, but to also learn how to better engage with them to be successful.

OVERVIEW: In this Prospecting & Business Development sales training workshop, we look at traditional prospecting practices and why they are no longer effective. The workshop explores emerging technologies that can make salespeople more productive, more efficiently optimize their time spent prospecting, and suggest prospecting methods and strategies for making the prospecting and business development process more customer-centric, and therefore more appropriate for today’s professional salesperson.

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After attending the workshop, attendees should be able to:

understand prospecting 2.0

become familiar with the prospecting process:

understand prospecting




understand how to calculate how many prospects needed in order to make quota

become familiar with emerging technologies that can make them more productive

understand the difficulties of traditional approaches to prospecting

–Cold Calling

–Email Prospecting

understand and identify triggering events

how to use triggering events to align with prospects and develop compelling messaging

utilize multiple methods and messages to engage with senior executives

know how to remain part of the ongoing conversation and dialog once engaged with the prospect

Prospecting is necessary and difficult. Prospects are more than leads – they are people. A good salesperson will learn how to efficiently target and identify them, but beyond that, the truly successful salesperson will know how to effectively engage with them and remain relevant.

This workshop can be run in house or as part of your sales conference. We also run it as a public program. Upcoming dates include:

Date Location
13 May 2016 Sydney
13 July 2016 Sydney
16 August 2016 Sydney
Number of places in each public worshop