Prospecting & Business Development Workshop

Buyers have changed how they buy. Have you and your sales team changed the way you sell? For most companies, innovation and creativity are sitting high on top of the list. However, innovation is more than a buzzword. It is a process of engaging and collaborating to find better ways of doing things. Would it help if you or your sales team will be empowered to sell differently?

OVERVIEW:  The innovation day program is designed to engage staff, give them a fun experience in an environment that enables them to develop their own skills while helping the organisation identify the areas in which it can improve.

With a focus on sales we will explore both the customer experience of buying from you and the internal processes that empower sales and give them the best chance to achieve the targets set.

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After attending the workshop, attendees should be able to:

 engage staff with the sales process

 a ‘safe place’ for identification of existing barriers

 develop communication skills

 develop presentation skills

 insights into areas of improvement for organisations

 plans for carrying out improvements for organisations



“People are best convinced by reasons they themselves discover.

This workshop can be run in house or as part of your sales conference. We also run it as a public program. Upcoming dates include:

Date Location
TBC Sydney
TBC Sydney
TBC Sydney
Number of places in each public worshop