Success for Successful Ways with Pardot Marketing

Company Overview:

Successful Ways offers an integrated approach to buying property and creating wealth for Sydney-siders. They were looking for a way to bolster their digital marketing efforts, on top of their existing Salesforce Sales Cloud.

Belinda Morris, Marketing Manager at Successful Ways, engaged Destined as their Salesforce Pardot Implementation Partner, which was led by Alex Kaye.


Successful Ways wanted a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of their client’s interactions (page views, email opens, email clicks, source), and wanted this data to exist in their Salesforce instance.

Before engaging Destined, Successful Ways were using Mailchimp, but they wanted a more robust marketing automation tool. They also wanted to move away from ‘batch-and-blast’ email marketing towards a targeted and personalised approach.


Successful Ways decided to invest into Salesforce’s Pardot Marketing Automation platform, with Destined as their Salesforce Pardot Implementation Partner.


Through Pardot’s tracking code, they were able to gain valuable insights into who within their database was active, and what those activities were:

Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

This then provided their sales team an insight into how to have more relevant conversations with potential customers.

Successful Ways now have the ability to send targeted emails from Pardot to separate audiences based upon specific criteria.

Furthermore, using Pardot, Successful Ways are now able to target people who visit specific pages through Page Actions.

Since implementing Pardot, Successful Ways have enjoyed a 30% increase in visitors to their website. Website visitors are essential in lead acquisition for organisations, as they feed the top of the sales funnel. Thus, they are a fundamental pillar for driving increases in sales and revenue.

Moreover, Successful Ways has seen a 15% increase in clicks (interactions) in email communications since adopting Pardot. Email communication is an extremely important marketing avenue for this firm. As email clicks lead to increased enquiries, consequently, this has led to a substantial increase of new business for Successful Ways.

Finally, 5 new clients (after the first 3 months) have been acquired directly through Pardot, and email communication. With an average value of $4k per new client – this has already added an extra $20k to the bottom line of Successful Ways.