What is Pardot Marketing Automation?

One of the fastest growing software categories driving significant improvements in business growth at the moment is Marketing Automation.

Have you got a Marketing Automation solution in place? Do you need one?

  • Do you have an effective process in place to nurture leads so that marketing only hand over the ones that are sales ready to your sales team – or are marketing handing over any name they can find?
  • Are you happy with the length of your sales cycle or would you like it to be shorter?
  • Are you retaining the customers you want to be retaining and effectively cross selling to your customer base?

Marketing Automation can assist you to do all of this and more. This video is an easy way to understand it.

Destined specialises in helping businesses implement Marketing automation.

Pardot is an easy-to-use marketing automation system built for small and mid-sized businesses. It helps sales and marketing work together to drive more qualified leads, improve ROI and boost your business!

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