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Is your marketing and sales strategy right ?
Is it automated with the right technology?
Are you executing well and getting results?

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Looking to get more sales from the leads you have already captured?

This practical guide provides you with ideas on how to do just that.

It includes five simple funnels you could build today and suggests the kind of content you could include.

How to recycle leads
Taking the time to stop and think about our overall strategy and how automation fits into it has been invaluable. It has given us the framework to then implement the kind of customer journey that matches our brand aspiration.
Glen - Digital Marketing Manager, Harmoney
Adding Pardot to our marketing strategy has been a transforming experience. However, marketing automation at this level was new to us and we were very fortunate to have had Destined take us by the hand.
Nick - Global Marketing Lead, LiveTiles

Why Us?

Organisations need an integrated approach to revenue creation and customer service. Marketing and sales cannot operate in silos.

The same is needed when selecting a Partner to assist you with your strategy, technology and execution needs.

Destined is able to assist you across the platform including Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud.

We help organisations build an integrated strategy and tactical plan that recognises the buying journey your customers are taking which is essential if you are going to get real value out of the technology you put in place.

The complexities of modern marketing means that it does not make sense to have all the marketing skills you need in house. For some organisations we plug the gaps. For others we are their whole marketing department.  We can help you build the customer journeys you need to grow your business.

Destined CSAT based on Customer surveys over last 18 months (May 2017).