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Heroku Enterprise Partner

The Salesforce Platform ties together many tools and services into a cohesive platform that you can use to build amazing applications. Heroku Enterprise is part of that toolset. It can enable you to build custom applications to facilitate amazing customer experiences. Destined can Partner with you and Salesforce to

Heroku Enterprise gives you the ability to use open-source languages and frameworks like Node.jsRuby on RailsDjango, or Spring to build that public-facing interface.  Heroku is a Platform As A Service (PaaS), just like, but it’s a platform that provides different capabilities, such as support for many different programming languages and the ability to control and scale resources.

Destined’s customers are using Heroku to scale their CRM  meaning they can deliver instant sales and service insights to delight customers at every moment.   They are building mobile and web apps on Heroku with the data flowing seamlessly back into Sales Cloud as required.

Heroku App development platform

Why Heroku?

A PaaS abstracts away the complexity of building and running infrastructure for applications. Using a PaaS allows you to easily create load-balanced collections of containers that run your software. You can think of those containers just like shipping containers that hold all the code and resources needed to run your application.

Heroku is a fully managed PaaS — all the underlying complexity is handled for you by dedicated teams at Salesforce, including things like responding to failures, monitoring security vulnerabilities and patching them, planning for scaling, and actually scaling the PaaS. If you wanted to run your own PaaS, you’d need teams of people managing all these things 24/7/365.

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