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Destined has been partnering with Salesforce and our Real Estate and Property clients to help them transform the experience they provide to their customers and sales agents. We help Real Estate and Property businesses to build and strengthen client relationships, uncover valuable insights and improve processes and workflows.

Many developers who relied on the Chinese market can no longer do so with the tightening of rules around access to finance and difficulties in moving funds out of China. The marketing dollar now has to push harder into a domestic market which is also seeing a slow down in demand with access to finance being harder despite rates being so low.


Through the delivery of targeted and personalised messages, improve engagement with customers and key stakeholders. Leverage the power of marketing automation for lead nurturing and build automated customer journeys with personalised messages.


Efficiently manage available stock and stock reservations and put an end to sales agents selling the same lot twice. Approving a lot reservation is easy as a single click. Put rules in place to ensure sales agents follow a predefined approval process during a sale.


Integrate with, DisplaySweet, AWS Storage and more to build a single source of truth. Track every customer interaction – from being an anonymous website visitor, to showroom inspections, all the way through the sales and post sales process.


Manage commissions, referrals and partner sales in a single platform. Partners can submit leads and sales directly into your sales environment, while ensuring they only see what they need to see with Salesforce’s advanced security controls.

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We work across the Salesforce platform including Sales, Community, Service and Marketing to give you an integrated approach to your entire customer journey.

Integration of existing systems is also crucial – this can include integrating with, finance systems and many others.

 Easily segment your customers based on demographics and geographical data to benefit from a deep understanding of an individual.

Salesforce offers cross-channel solutions 
to manage the consumer journey across all touch points to build an inspiring customer experience.

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