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Welcome to the Destined Resource Centre.

Below you will find a library of our on-demand content.

Destined – Taylor & Grace | Winning EDM’s

Sailing the second wave (of Coronamarketing)

This Webinar, delivered in partnership with award winning design agency Taylor & Grace discusses how digital marketing has been disrupted since the onset of Coronavirus, and gives some actionable insights to cut through the noise and boost your own marketing efforts.

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Destined – Beyond 19 – Covid-19 Insights for Sales Leaders

2020 has been a year of unprecedented change for Australian businesses. With a recent rise in Coronavirus cases in Australia, one thing is now certain – the way that we engage with and sell to clients has changed dramatically and is unlikely to return to the way it was previously.

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Switching to the Pardot Lightning App

You might be aware that Pardot have announced that all future developments in the product will only be made available for Pardot Lightning. If you haven’t already, now is the time to make the switch to Pardot Lightning.

This interactive Webinar shows you how to make the switch from Pardot Classic to Pardot Lightning.

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Connected Campaigns

Pardot Lightning brought us Connected Campaigns which greatly improved the ability to measure and report on campaign effectiveness and share marketing data across the wider organisation.

In this Webinar the Destined Pardot team will take you through how to enable Connected Campaigns and supercharge your Marketing reporting.

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Campaign Influence Reporting

Generating marketing qualified leads through specific channels and targeted campaigns is part of our everyday marketing operations. Where a lot of Marketers struggle is to connect the dots and report clearly on return of investment (ROI) for the business. Salesforce’s campaign influence models help marketing professionals understand which campaigns influenced opportunities and quantifies the value.

This Webinar shows you how to set up Campaign Infleunce Reporting in your own Pardot instance.

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B2B Analytics – from Macro to Micro

Connected Campaigns gave us access to Salesforce custom reports enabling us to build a dashboard in Salesforce measuring Pardot asset engagement with a bird’s eye view.

In this webinar ther Destined Pardot team will take you through building a reporting dashboard from a micro to a macro level.

Using Salesforce dashboards we will showcase how to measure Pardot asset engagement, understanding lead acquisition, top sources & campaigns, as well as measuring ROI and multi-touch attribution.

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