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Public Sector organisations face unique challenges throughout their Digital Transformation journey, and each level of Government in Australia has its own obstacles and opportunities; as do departments, agencies and authorities.

In 2018 Destined invested in creating a dedicated Government Practice, led by employees with over 25 years experience working with Public Sector organisations. Since then we have interacted with over 100 organisations shaping and developing solutions to match the needs of government in Australia.

Local Government

We want to help Local Government find the right solution for their existing needs according to their size, region and complexity. As such we have created tailored solutions for:

  • Economic Development
  • Customer Service suite
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Tourism
  • Communications and Marketing 

We have also created a complete solution for managing the end to end Customer engagement process across all aspects of council with a clear set of roadmaps that enable you to start small and grow or implement across the breadth of services understanding the breadth of what is possible.

Get in touch if you want to talk about a tailored solution or holistic customer engagement transformation.

State / Federal Government

Our work at the State and Federal level span smaller agencies as well as centralised Departments with a team who is able to:

  • Think strategically across your needs to bring tailored solutions, and
  • Use past experience to bring quite solutions from pre-built roadmaps

Destined can support you at whatever stage you are at in your digital journey to help identify solutions that bring industry savvy government relevant solutions. 

We bring the strategy work as outlined above, and have the expertise to apply it across the ranges and variety of sizes and complexities of Government entities. We are large enough to have the experience but small enough to be agile and appropriate to your needs.

Provide world leading strategic development with clear roadmaps for:

  • Customer Service
  • Stakeholder Relations
  • Economic Development
  • Policy Development

Destined has built a skeleton customer service blueprint which is scalable and can start with something small but then build out to bring the most modern technology to bear on your agency. Find out more

Destined has a road map for Stakeholder Engagement which outlines how modern technology can ensure centralisation of data, collection of stakeholder engagement and easy to use tools for better connectivity and partnership. Find out more

Our Economic Development model has been described as brilliant and exactly what Government needs for understanding both the basics of what is needed but also for being able to visualise the future of what is possible. Find out more

When it comes to policy there is a range of engagements, connections, interactions and communications that will drive evidence based, agile, interactive policy development. Chat to us about how technology can automate and scale this for you.

Government Team Lead

Simon France

Destined’s Government lead has spent 13 years working in Government. His time was spent working in Federal Government Departments and Agencies included:

  • Supporting nationwide strategies which were modelled on national strategy and local action. The stakeholder matrix that led to its delivery included partnerships across Federal, state and local departments and agencies as well national peak and industry bodies. 
  • Supporting local delivery of economic development initiatives which included state and local governments partnerships alongside business chambers, innovation hubs, local businesses and industry groups.
  • This experience of stakeholder management, policy development, customer service and economic development has laid the foundation for the digital transformation Destined brings to Government.

Government challenges we solve


Your residents and stakeholders are keen for easy to manage services, clear communication and genuine interaction. Through the delivery of targeted and personalised messages and the establishment of self service portals it is possible to provide that experience. By leveraging the power of automation and understanding that your ‘customer’ is in an engagement journey with your organisation you transform your interactions.


Attracting new businesses to your area brings an increase in rates, jobs and money for the local economy. How much is a new business worth to you? What systems do your staff have in place for identifying and targeting the businesses that are the best fit for your region?


Information can often disappear into the Government void leaving people frustrated with their engagement with Government. Developing clear and open communication tools that ensure people can access the information that they need on demand and be regularly updated will lead to greater trust and less time managing queries.


In times of ever higher competition for resources, ensure that you are deploying spend where it has the highest impact and making efficiencies through process improvement and automation. Combining multiple siloed systems can realise massive savings through the elimination of duplication and time spent locating the correct piece of data. Putting in systems that help your staff in their work creates better services, more committed staff and will ultimate save you money.

Health Cloud


We leverage the Salesforce platform including Relationship Management, Community, Service and Engagement to give you an integrated approach to your entire citizen and stakeholder journey. The Salesforce platform is holistic in the business systems it can provide but modular so that it can solve the problem you need at the time and integrate where needed.

Destined have experience in consolidating and combining existing platforms and systems to create a holistic view of data. This can also include interfacing with existing CRMs, marketing platforms, finance systems and many others.

Salesforce offers cross-channel solutions to manage the stakeholder journey across all touch-points to build an inspiring customer experience.

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