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Salesforce Government Partner

Destined has been partnering with Salesforce and our Government clients to help them transform the experience they provide to their constituents and for their staff.

No matter what level of Government you operate it is increasingly likely that people’s first interaction with you and the majority of their interaction with you will be digital.

The time is right to ask yourself if your current digital platforms are building engagement or leaving stakeholders frustrated?

Are your staff more efficient in the work they do because of the digital platform they use?

Salesforce is revolutionising citizen engagement within government and creating digital experiences for staff that make work more efficient, allowing them to focus on what is important..

Our experience working across all three levels of government in Australia have identified some key challenges and opportunities.


Your residents are keen for easy to manage services, clear communication and genuine interaction. Through the delivery of targeted and personalised messages and the establishment of self service portals it is possible to provide that experience. By leveraging the power of automation and understanding that your ‘customer’ is in an engagement journey with your organisation you transform your interactions.


Attracting new businesses to your area brings an increase in rates, jobs and money for the local economy. How much is a new business worth to you? What systems do your staff have in place for identifying and targeting the businesses that are the best fit for your region?


Information can often disappear into the Government void leaving people frustrated with their engagement with Government. Developing clear and open communication tools that ensure people can access the information that they need on demand and be regularly updated will lead to greater trust and less time managing queries.


In times of ever higher competition for resources, ensure that you are deploying spend where it has the highest impact and making efficiencies through process improvement and automation. Combining multiple siloed systems can realise massive savings through the elimination of duplication and time spent locating the correct piece of data. Putting in systems that help your staff in their work creates better services, more committed staff and will ultimate save you money.

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We leverage the Salesforce platform including Relationship Management, Community, Service and Engagement to give you an integrated approach to your entire citizen and stakeholder journey. The Salesforce platform is holistic in the business systems it can provide but modular so that it can solve the problem you need at the time and integrate where needed.

Destined have experience in consolidating and combining existing platforms and systems to create a holistic view of data. This can also include interfacing with existing CRMs, marketing platforms, finance systems and many others.

Salesforce offers cross-channel solutions to manage the stakeholder journey across all touch-points to build an inspiring customer experience.

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