Strategy + Planning

Have you got a clear strategy in place? Have you got the tactical plan in place to bring it to life?

The most often cited reason given by businesses going into insolvency (44%) was lack of strategic management.

A clear strategy is the foundation that great businesses are built on. It will be living and breathing and so may change over time. It will be used by all different parts of the business to chart their course and ensure they are in line with the overall direction of the business.

Your marketing and sales strategy should tie in with the overall business strategy and should have a tactical plan that leverages technology to achieve the goals set.

Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; Its about deliberately choosing to be different.” Michael Porter

Our Work

The chances are you have already given your strategy some good thought. Many of our clients have valued having another set of eyes go over that strategy and have valued the help pulling out what is in their heads and getting it down on paper.

We have worked with businesses to:

  • Build Business Strategy

  • Sales and Marketing – Revenue Strategy

We have facilitated

  • Innovation Days

  • Strategy Workshops