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Pardot Implementation Options

Getting your Salesforce Pardot implementation right is crucial if you are going to get the value out of the platform you expect.

We recognise that you still need to get on with business as usual. At the same time, getting your Marketing Automation up and running efficiently will help you see the benefits sooner achieving the ROI you put into your business case and ultimately driving revenue growth.

Taking the time to stop and think about our overall strategy and how automation fits into it with the help of Destined has been invaluable. It has given us the framework to then implement the kind of customer journey that matches our brand aspiration, leveraging Pardot to achieve this.

Glen, Digital Marketing Manager

Our Pardot implementation clients have included:

Below are a number of different implementation options. They are a guide and best suited for emerging and small business. Each of the features can be mixed and matched to come up with a package that suits your organisation.  A more detailed scoping is recommended for larger organisations to make sure you get a solution than meets your needs.


  • 45 Days Support
  • Project Management
  • Virtual & Face to face Training
  • Marketing Asset Training
  • CRM Integration (Salesforce)
  • Technical Setup

This program is for organisations who want to be trained to use Pardot.  It includes face to face training and help getting your sample assets and the technical elements in place.


  • 45 Day Support
  • Project Management
  • Virtual & Face To Face Training
  • Marketing Asset Training & Build
  • Strategy Workshop
  • Technical Setup & CRM Integration
  • Extended Support

Ideal for those who want strategic support and insights to get the most out of the platform as well as advanced asset support to be able to use Pardot as quickly as possible.


  • 60 Days Support
  • Everything in Blackcomb
  • Additional Asset Build
  • Deep training
  • Journey building workshops
  • Additional support

Just do everything for me!  It includes all workshops, asset development and training.  It is ideal for the time pressed organisation who appreciate the value in getting an expert in to free their staff to focus on what they do well.