What is Marketing Automation?

One of the fastest growing software categories driving significant improvements in business growth at the moment is Marketing Automation.

Have you got a Marketing Automation solution in place? Do you need one?

  • Do you have an effective process in place to nurture leads so that marketing only hand over the ones that are sales ready to your sales team – or are marketing handing over any name they can find?
  • Are you happy with the length of your sales cycle or would you like it to be shorter?
  • Are you retaining the customers you want to be retaining and effectively cross selling to your customer base?

Marketing Automation can assist you to do all of this and more.

In Detail

Marketing Automation enables you to drive powerful marketing campaigns to capture the leads that you need to achieve your targeted revenue. It facilitates the easily building of landing pages, forms emails and more.

Once captured you can segment and nurture those leads serving them with customized personalized information that suits them and their buyer journey and accelerates them through your funnel.

Forrester Research concludes that Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost.

Lead scoring enables you to track the activities of your prospects and their interaction with your site and material. But not all that interact with you will be potential customers. Lead grading and progressive profiling enables you to further segment your leads based on who they are and their fit with your ideal customer profile.

Together this information and behind the scenes automation enables marketing to hand the right leads to sales at exactly the right time, ensuring that they are talking to prospects with a genuine interest in your solutions.

Companies that automate their lead management see a 10% increase in revenue within 6 – 9 months according to Gartner research.

They also estimate a 15% savings on creative production with marketing automation as well as further savings through less marketing waste and savings of up to 80% on direct mail budgets through event triggered marketing.

Powerful reporting can assist you to discover what is working and what is not working and modify along the way. Reporting on return on investment is now easier than ever.

The best marketing automation platforms will integrate not only with your CRM, but enable you to track social interactions, connect to your Google ad words campaigns, webinars, video’s and far more. They will also support communication at other parts of the buyer journey supporting recycling of leads, contract renewals and a host of other application to drive customer engagement and revenue.

Saleforce liked it so much they purchased Pardot – A marketing automation platform that integrates with their CRM software.

Would your organisation benefit from increased sales at a lower cost?

We would welcome the chance to talk to you today about marketing automation and help you assess the value it would add to your organisation.