Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Social Studio

Salesforce Social Studio supports you to boost your organisation’s brand and reputation by linking marketing, service and sales via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Use the power of social media marketing tools to listen, analyse, publish, and engage.

Social Studio connects to over 600 million sources on the internet. Listen to conversations and get true insights into how your audience sees your organisation, brand, products and competitors. Dashboards make identifying social trends easy and enable you to build engaging social campaigns.

Build and track your social campaigns while you protect your brand with configurable approval rules. Distribute your teams to manage your social strategy.

Community Managers can assign posts for rapid response times, while categories and labels build a picture of the type of content your audience is talking about. Collaborate across teams to get the right response for your customer.

Use social insights to drive content marketing initiatives, while building a unified customer view. Enable your sales and service team to connect with your customers on the social media platform they choose.

Social Studio Automate

Save your team time with Social Studio Automate. Process and categorise social requests automatically. Using the keywords from your social listening strategy, Social Studio Automate can apply attributes like sentiment, categories and labels to posts, as well as sending the posts through to Salesforce Service Cloud for rapid follow-up.

Social Media Command Center

A social media command center enables your organisation to monitor, engage and stay connected to customers and social conversations around your brand and market. Understand where conversations are happening in the world and monitor social media trends and key topics in real-time. Make informed business decisions to boost the social health of your brand. You can also see how Marketing Cloud Journeys and Emails are tracking, and get an overview of your Social Customer Care agents.

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