Do you know the warning signs?redflags

When it comes to sales processes, there are always different ends of the spectrum. Some sales organisations model best practices and prove it by consistently making their number. Others consistently fall short, so they usually exhibit the other end of the spectrum with a variety of warning signs along the way.

Consider your own sales organisation. Would you know if you had a bad sales process that needs help? Leaders don’t bury their heads in the sand, so here are some warning signs of a bad sales process, according to Sales Benchmark Index (SBI):

  1. Sales process has no buyer triggers or the stages are triggered by internal behaviour
  2. Job aids either don’t exist or if they do, they’re focused on internal administration requirements and aren’t aligned with buyers
  3. There’s no coaching between rep and manager, or if there is, it only happens after the deal closes
  4. Reinforcement and success stories are rarely, if ever, shared; if they are it’s usually in the form of audits and remediation

Do these ring any bells for you? The self-educated buyer is here to stay, which means the good sales process you need is one that is aligned with your buyer, externally focused – not internally focused like most.

It’s in our name for a reason – CustomerCentric Selling® – because we understood this concept long before it became mainstream. We can help you and your organisation right the ship and get your process working for you.

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