Are you maximising your use of Salesforce Sales Cloud campaigns?

Sales Cloud campaigns can help you to manage your outbound marketing campaigns and provide great insights into performance. These can range from online campaigns such as banner ads, emails through to offline activities including direct mail, print ads and more. You can also use campaigns to manage your events.

1. Get your hierarchies right

You can set up hierarchies when establishing your campaigns associating them with each other. By associating campaigns with one another using a lookup relationship, you can group campaigns within a specific marketing program or initiative.

Examples here could include ‘always on’ campaigns such as social media. The may have a master campaign ‘Social Media’ and an associated campaign: ‘Social Media – Facebook’. You may also have a campaign around a product launch. The master campaign could be ‘Product Launch A’ and the associated campaigns could be an email blast, an event, some online advertising or print ad.

2. Setup your stages

For each of your campaigns, you can define separate Campaign Member Status values to track the stages members go through during the campaign. For example, in a conference campaign, you might use values of invited, registered, and attended. For a print ad you might be recognising that as the source of someone’s first touch with you.

3. Automate where possible

Association with a campaign can be automated off the back of a customer action.  This can be the completion of a particular form or the clicking on a particular link (via Pardot). It can also be automated via the selection of a data field inputted by a user. Changes in a status can also drive further automations via Pardot. Eg – the movement of a prospect from invited to registered could add them to an RSVP Yes list that suppresses them from further reminders to register. They can also be manually entered in by a user such as a salesperson, call centre staff member or receptionist.

4. Leverage your data

Data from Salesforce campaigns can be leveraged in many ways. You can build out reports and dashboards to display these in a way that you can easily communicate to key stakeholders. You can go a step further and do ROI reporting. How can I calculate the ROI for my campaigns? Salesforce have answered that question HERE.

Multiple campaigns often are part of a customers journey. The new Campaign Influence Attribution Models allow you to apply different models to your campaigns and dig even deeper into your campaigns and their effectiveness to discover more.

How have you used campaigns.  Tell us more.

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