Get started with Campaign Influence Attribution Models

Have you seen the latest release from Pardot  – Campaign Influence Attribution Models? It takes the old multi touch attribution model to a new level.

Pardot has always been great at helping you understand the ROI of your first touch campaigns. Now you can go far deeper.

With new Additional Campaign Influence Attribution Models, your marketing department can see the influence details they’re most interested in. Separate models track the first touch, last touch, and evenly distribute revenue attribution to all the campaigns that influence an opportunity. This change applies to orgs using Customizable Campaign Influence that have also purchased Pardot.

In addition to the Primary Campaign Source model, you can now enable up to three new models for Customizable Campaign Influence users in orgs that have also purchased Pardot.

  • The First Touch model tracks where your brand first interacts with prospects.
  • The Last Touch model shows which campaigns are helping close deals.
  • The Even Distribution model catches how their campaigns perform across all interactions with prospects.

Records for the model you choose as the default in Setup appear in the Campaign Influence related list on Opportunities.

Additional Campaign Influence Attribution Models is available to customers who have a Lightning Sales Cloud Professional, Enterprise or Performance Edition subscription or Lightning CRM Professional, Enterprise or Performance Edition subscription and a Pardot Pro, Pardot Enterprise, or Pardot Ultimate subscription.

Next Steps

Your Salesforce Admin needs to complete a number of steps to set up your instance to leverage this tool.  Click Here to see these steps.

Marketers should think through and document their campaigns and the required structure. New to campaigns? You can read more about them HERE.

Would you like help to get everything set up? We have put together a simple workshop and admin package to help you with both the thinking and the doing.