Conversational Marketing – Destined’s guide to generating more pipeline

Over the past decade the goal of most B2B sales and marketing teams has been the same. Marketing Directors invest heavily in content and social media with the aim of driving traffic to their website, in the hope that a prospect will fill out a form or a ‘contact us’ form. The last thing that a prospect sees before they leave a website is a message along the lines of: ‘Thanks, a member of our team will be in touch shortly’. 

This process is fundamentally broken though - prospects are hard to get hold of, and the salesperson has to try and re-engage the buyer from scratch. In fact 38% of people people who fill out a form on your site will be lost forever.

In response to this a new category of software, called Conversational Marketing has emerged. Conversational Marketing empowers your sales team to have real-time conversations (using live chat, phone calls, and screen sharing) with your most qualified prospects, right on your corporate website, helping you generate more leads and more pipeline for sales. Conversational Marketing layers nicely on top of your existing ABM and Marketing Automation efforts, helping you get your hot prospects across the finish line and into a sales cycle.

Pipe, Pipe….. And more Pipe

Pipeline growth is the number one metric that B2B marketing spend is measured against.

Conversational Marketing is becoming a key weapon in the modern marketers arsenal - as it allows us to have real-time conversations with our most qualified prospects. This accelerates their progression through our pipeline, leading to higher conversion ratios and ROI on campaign spend.


Destined are partnering with Qualified, the first and only conversational marketing application built natively on the Salesforce platform. What we really like about Qualified is the deep level of integration it allows into Salesforce and Pardot. 

Contact Us if you would like to find out more about how conversational marketing can enhance your sales process.

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