Have you got a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Command Centre set up in your workplace?

Salesforce are currently leveraging Destined’s Command Centre in their lobby to showcase the work we have been doing around the football world cup.

A Command Centre is such an awesome way to showcase the activity taking place around the #worldcup as there is so much going on and so many different insights.  Below is a snapshot into just a few of the different screens that you could leverage in a command centre.  We focus on teams.  You could be focused on your brand, products, sales performance, customer service or some other key data.

Here are a few we have picked out to highlight in our Command Centre:

Where in the World – Portugal vs Morocco

Top Images – Denmark vs Australia

WordCloud – Denmark vs Australia

Key Social Indicators – Denmark vs Australia

Feedwall – Denmark vs Australia

Social Universe – Ronaldo vs Messi vs Neymar

What is a Marketing Cloud Command Centre?

It is a tool that tracks social conversations around a company’s brand, products, industry or event, and visualises the results on interactive, real-time screens. It allows you to track and display you digital interactions with your customers through Social, Marketing and Service visualisations.  You can also use it to display Sales dashboards.

Some companies have them set up in foyers to showcase their brand and social activity while others use them internally to motivate and inform staff about customer service and sales targets.

How Does it work?

The Marketing Command Centre is highly customisable. From the screens that can be shown to the branding and products that are displayed. The Command centre is built to meet the varied needs of the customer whether big or small. Here is how the Marketing Command Centre can be customised to meet those needs:

  • Easily personalise the Marketing Command Centre to reflect your branding.
  • Designate an area for your command centre or put it in a common area such as hallway or meeting rooms. You can access the marketing command center from desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • Marketing Command Centre allows you to choose what visualisations to display and how to display them for greatest impact.

This short video gives you a demo of the Command Centre.

We would love to help you get a command centre set up in your workplace.  Contact andrew@destined.com.au  to chat further and to request a copy of the ‘Executive Guide: Salesforce Marketing Command Centre’.

If you want to keep up to date with other #worldcup social insights we publish visit this page and we will keep you updated.