Maximising Sales Productivity with High Velocity Sales

Are you a business owner, sales director or manager of a SDR team? If so you will understand the challenge of optimising the productivity of your outbound sales team. According to a recent survey: 

On average, an inside sales rep spends only 32% of their day selling!

The rest of the time they are looking up information, trying to plan out which lead to call next, or logging notes. All of that is split between different systems — in general, inside sales reps have to navigate between six tools (costing almost $4,000 per rep per year) to do their jobs.

At Destined we are fortunate to have worked with more than 500 organisations on their sales and marketing strategy and Salesforce implementations. We are really excited to see the possibilities that High Velocity Sales can bring to our clients. High Velocity Sales is a streamlined solution tailored to inside sales teams (including sales development and business development reps) and designed to speed up the sales process. 

High Velocity Sales combines many of Salesforce’s core technologies into a new offering and provide inside sales teams with:

  • Insights on how to prospect smarter and faster
  • Integrated tools to eliminate busy work and multiple logins
  • New levels of best-practice automation for scalable, repeatable success

Sales Cadences

Sales Cadences enable Sales Managers to build their own best practices into Salesforce, making them easily shareable across the team. These customisable, pre-built activity sequences can help guide new and veteran sales reps alike through the prospecting process. 

Work Queue

Sales Cadences then populate a rep’s Work Queue. The Work Queue is a prioritised task list inside the Lightning Sales Console. The Work Queue shows the rep exactly what next step to take with which customer, in order to build the strongest pipeline. 

Salesforce’s email templates and Lightning Dialer (the native Salesforce click-to-call solution) mean that sales reps can send an email or place a call with a single click. 

High Velocity Sales streamlines the workflow of SDR teams and eliminates wasted effort, allowing them to concentrate on what matters - having great conversations with prospects and moving them through the sales funnel.

Click here to speak to a member of our team about High Velocity Sales.

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