4 Marketing Resolutions for 2016

As 2015 comes to a close, we all look at various ways to improve in the new year. Whether this involves getting healthier, spending more time with friends and family or learn something new and exciting. But what about improving our marketing efforts? The new year is a great time to reflect on where you [...]

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Andrew France @ PlanToWin

Last week on Tuesday November 17th the Managing Director Andrew France of Destined, was invited to inspire and educate 300+ Australian Private Business Owners at PlanToWin. Along with speakers such as Collette Dinnigan, Tom Waterhouse, Angus Kennard and Jack Cowin - Andrew provided a unique perspective on how to drive sales and marketing. Below are some interesting excerpts [...]

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Forget Big Data – Get your little data right! (it’s costing you millions).

‘Big data’ is all the rage and perhaps rightly so.   But are we getting the basics right in sales and marketing? The chances are you are not and it is costing you revenue. Sporting teams have been exploding in this space. The data collected now compared to even ten years ago is worlds apart, and [...]

Forget Big Data – Get your little data right! (it’s costing you millions).2017-01-31T14:24:50+11:00

Do You Score Your Lead Sources?

Not all leads are created Equal – yet far too often we treat them that way. Do you calculate a Lead Source Score (LSS) and use it to drive marketing spend and improved revenue outcomes? How do you currently assess the potential quality of the new names that [...]

Do You Score Your Lead Sources?2017-01-31T14:24:50+11:00
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