Pardot change is coming! And it is good.

Pardot change is coming! And it is good. BUT you need to be ready.

If you have seen any of the recent Pardot roadmap sessions you will know that there is a transition being made to have Pardot more deeply embedded in the Sales Cloud interface.

There will no doubt be a number of enhancements driven by this project. One of the exciting changes that is worth starting to think about is the alignment of Salesforce and Pardot campaigns (NOTE: This is a feature coming that is not there yet – read the forward looking statement etc…..)

For most this is great news. One of the elements of Pardot often questioned and struggled with is the way in which Pardot currently uses the word campaign. Currently is refers to ‘first touch’ activities and prospects can only have one campaign associated with them.

Going forward there will be complete alignment between Salesforce and Pardot campaigns.

Given this and other changes coming, what should you start to do over the coming months?

Here are some next steps we think are worth considering. Note – how every businesses is run is different so make sure you think through where your business is at first.

1. Enhance your understanding of Sales Cloud.

Never really used Sales Cloud (CRM)? If you are going to get the most out of these features and best support your sales team then you need to have a good understanding of how Sales Cloud works.

Here are some resources:

Sell Lightning Fast with Sales Cloud

Qualify and convert leads efficiently

Getting started with contacts and accounts

2. Map out your campaign hierarchy

Start with pencil and paper and identify the campaigns you are going to run in the coming year. Some will be ‘always on’ (lead capture form) and others will be one off activities (special offer).

Need more help with understanding Salesforce campaigns? Click Here

3. Get Started with multi touch attribution

You can already get started with leveraging Salesforce Campaigns and Pardot activity to provide multi touch attribution. If you are not aware of this functionality you can read more about it here.