Understanding Campaign Influence

Salesforce’s customisable campaign influence let’s you understand how your campaigns affect your opportunity pipeline (campaigns with influence). This is a way to bring marketing into commercial discussions by understanding what campaigns are opening, influencing, and closing sales in your business. 

Customisable campaign influence provides three out of the box models:

  • First touch – The first touch model measures the sum of revenue share based on the first campaign touched once the opportunity has been created
  • Last touch – The last touch model measures sum of revenue share based on the last campaign touched before the opportunity was closed won
  • Even distribution – The even distribution model measures sum of revenue share across all the campaigns touched whilst the opportunity was open

Before making a decision on which model to use you should review your marketing strategy and engage your key stakeholders internally to ensure that you have made the best choice for your business.

While you’ve chosen one of the three models as the default that will be seen on the Campaign and Opportunity object you can cross reference the different models by creating reports and adding them to a dashboard. 

Read on below for instructions for building campaigns with influence reports and dashboard in Salesforce.

Are you ready to use campaign influence?

Have you considered:

  • Using your campaign management strategy as part of your overall return on investment proposition?
  • If your existing campaign management plan can be split by marketing channels?
  • Using the opportunity and campaign object to report on campaign performance? Campaign influence works for campaigns associated to opportunities, is your business using opportunities?

If you’ve confidently answered yes to these questions then it’s time to bring marketing to the commercial table. Read our guide to setting up reports and dashboards to measure Campaign Influence

If you’ve answered no or are unsure about the practical application of this feature Destined offer a half day workshop to brainstorm the campaign strategy that will work for your business. To find out more complete the form below.

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Disclaimer: Before you can report on campaign influence you will need to set up Connected Campaigns. The use of connected campaigns is dependant on your Salesforce and Pardot subscription.

Speak to your Salesforce and Pardot administrator before making any system changes.