Tracking Google Analytics conversions through Pardot forms and landing pages

In our Google Analytics series we’ve covered connecting Google Analytics to Pardot and adding the Google Analytics tracking code to Pardot form and landing page page layouts. 

Google Analytics can now see the Pardot assets but it will not track conversions until conversion code is added. 

To track conversion you will need to:

  • Add the tracking code to the nominated Pardot layout template [link]
  • Build a thank you webpage that the Pardot form and/or Pardot landing page will redirect too. This can be a separate Pardot landing page or a page created on your website. An example URL could be
  • Create a Goal in Google Analytics that includes information similar to the screenshot below

  • Create your goal conversion code with account number and goal URL (i.e.
  • Update the Pardot form by:
  1. Adding the Goal Conversion Code in the thank you code on the Pardot form
  2. Updating the redirect URL

Note, goal conversion code will look similar to this:

This Salesforce help knowledge article provides further information about tracking Google Analytics conversions in Pardot.

This solution works well for tracking Pardot form conversions on Pardot landing pages however it can register 404 links in Google Analytics if your Pardot form is on an external webpage (outside of Pardot). 

To find out how to track Pardot iframe form conversions when located on a webpage click here for our next blog in the Google Analytics series.

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